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We say no to war!

27 Jan 2016

We say no to war!
We do not want children to die!
We do not want mothers to cry!
 The negative situation in recent times, in Turkey, is increasing day by day with state terror, massacres in regions densely populated by Kurdish people, the arrests of politicians, mayors and journalists, the violation of individuals’ rights and freedoms and in particular the dictation of political Islam in all areas of life at a rapid pace. Without wasting any further time, the vital demand for the conflict to stop and for the mutual cessation of arms should be voiced loudly and clearly initially by the US and EU and then by all social sectors. Otherwise this situation will evolve rapidly towards a civil war. 
Erdogan and the AKP are trying to save themselves by starting a war! 
Erdogan’s 14 year old AKP government has peaked with theft, bribery and corruption. On one hand the wrong steps taken by Erdogan’s government in foreign policy and its sectarian, nationalist politics with its neighbours and on the other hand their support for Islamic State, and primarily ISIS, and the fact that they hit a wall with every step they take regarding foreign policies, has led the government into a predicament from which they are trying to free themselves by starting a war.
The results of the general election on 7th June 2015 showed not only the failure of Erdogan, but that of the state’s monistic, assimilating, denial and annihilation policies implemented since the first day it was establishment. These unexpected developments led to a mandatory co-operation between Erdogan and the state. In order for Erdogan to be in power alone and to be able to continue the 93 year old Turkish-Islamic productionErdogan has chosen the Kurdish people as his target as they would be the most influential and powerful in determining the fate of the Middle East. 
Erdogan, AKP and the government are playing with fire! 

By implementing curfews in regions such as Cizre, Silopi and Sur which are densely populated by Kurdish people it has allowed government security forces to murder civilians, with no regard as to whether they are children, women or elderly people.  The bodies of those who are murdered are not given to their families but left exposed out on the streets. Mothers are not even given permission to bury their murdered children. Because of this, these children’s bodies are, unfortunately, having to be kept in freezers, by their families whilst waiting to be buried. This hatred and animosity, which is so difficult to understand and the reckless and brutal dirty war continued by the government is drawing the Turkish and Kurdish people towards a rift which will in time become irreparable.  From the present day events, it can be clearly seen that this war will not be limited to regions densely inhabited by Kurdish people but will develop and cover the whole of Turkey. Erdogan and the government continue to insist on playing with fire solely for their own benefit and prosperity. 
If this fire is not put out, it will burn not only Turkey but Europe too!  

The US and Western countries have serious a responsibility in this dirty war which pivots around religion and sects in the Middle East, Mesopotamia and Anatolia. More precisely, they are advocates of this dirty war. The European Union, specifically, should not forget that Turkey is their border neighbour. If a civil war were to break out in Turkey, the biggest problem would be faced by the EU. In the development of such an event, the EU will not have the chance to get rid of it as they did before by bribing Erdogan with a few billion euros to prevent refugees coming to Europe. The EU and its member countries who, at every opportunity, state they are the cradle of democracy, must urgently take more determined and conclusive steps that will achieve results to bring a definite end to this dirty war taking place in Turkey.Starting with the rights and freedoms of individuals, the Copenhagen Criteria universal human values which make mankind what it is must be protected and cherished. Otherwise; it is as clear as day that if this fire is not put out in time, not only Turkey but Europe too will burn socially, politically, culturally and economically.
The peace process must begin and democracy must run until the end, before it is too late!
The peace and dialogue process must begin without delay. The war must end, children and other innocent people should not die and mothers should not be left to cry. Democratic conditions should be created, a mutual cessation of arms must take place negotiations must be restarted in order to form lasting peace. The usurped rights of Kurds, Alevis and all other ancient peoples in Turkey should be protected legally and constitutionally. Otherwise, it will be a disaster for Turkey. The restoration of peace and the existence of democracy in principlenot just in asupposed state is the only key to the salvation of the peoples of Turkey. 

Announced with respect to the public. 
Britain Alevi Federation
Confederation of Alevis in Europe.

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