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22 Sep 2016




30 Apr 2015

For the attention of the Public
MAYDAY is a day of unity and struggle for those who work and produce all year round. Today is a day when the working classes have a say and commemorate comrades who have fallen in their struggle for labour rights.
As Alevis we believe that every individual should produce as much as their own strength and consume as much as their own need! - with this in mind throughout history Alevis have stood by and supported the working class, through their difficult times and will continue; so long as there are inequalities in the labour market.
On a day like this:- all protest rights and arenas should be given to the working class and no restriction should be placed on their freedom of demonstration to voice their struggle, issues, and concerns about their contemporary rights. Most importantly today is to ensure that the prices paid in the past are not repeated.
Today the working class echoes the following:
  • No Contract of Employment should take away the rights one has by law,
  • No one should be working below minimum wage,
  • Zero hour contracts should be lifted,
  • The working class must have the right to strike, organize and take part in collective contract,
  • Health & Safety in working places must be a priority, to avoid illness, disability and death,
  • Reasonable pension payment plans for all working class,
  • To rid of all discrimination, low pay, insecurity and violence towards working women all around the world,
  • We the working class, civil servants, engineers, doctors, women, young, pensioners do not want to be slaves of a profit oriented capitalist system,
  • We want to be equal citizens of a democratic country,
  • And say No to oppression of workers, discrimination of workers and demand equality,
  • Today we demand there be no wars, but peace all around .
With all this in mind we Alevis salute and embrace MAYDAY and promise to resist with you any anti-democratic decision to take away the rights of the working class and most importantly we would also like to echo the respect for the labour, their legal rights, their history and commemorate the fallen comrades in the name of Mayday.
Britain Alevi Federation
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