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Alevilik dersleri
22 Sep 2016


İngiltere Alevi Kültür Merkezi ve Cemevi - İAKMC
Merkezi Londra’da bulunan IAKMC, üç bini aşkın üye sayısıyla, İngiltere’nin en büyük Türkiye kökenli toplum kuruluşudur. 1993 yılından beri faaliyet yürütmekte olan İAKCM, yalnızca Alevi vatandaşlara değil, tüm Türkiyelilere kapılarını açık tutmaktadır. Dayanışma, yardımlaşma, eğitim, öğretim, kültürel ve sportif faaliyetler ve inançlarımıza uygun hizmetler sunmakta olan merkezimiz Dalston’dadır. 
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Maraş Massacre

The Maraş massacre has a very dark place in Turkish history, which is rife with provocations. In fact, the Maraş massacre shares similar characteristics with many previous provocations. The incidents were sparked by the bombing of a movie theater frequented by Turkish nationalists. As was the case with the Sept. 6-7, 1955 jewish pogroms, it was later found that the bomber was actually a nationalist who had ties to the deep state. Again, as seen in the incidents of Sept. 6-7, the houses of Alevis were marked ahead of the massacre. Two Alevi teachers were killed. The incidents started during the funeral ceremony of these teachers. The funeral was attacked by a large crowd of islamic fundamentalists and Turkish nationalists who were provoked by rumors that Alevis had burned down mosques and killed Sunnis. The ensuing massacre that occurred in Alevi neighborhoods was so horrible that it can leave humans at a loss for words.

Just as it has not confronted or challenged any other massacre, Turkey still does not confront or challenge the Maraş massacre. It is still not possible to officially commemorate the Maraş massacre, every year between 19-26 December we the England Alevi Cultural Centre and Cemevi go to Maraş during which very thought-provoking incidents happen.

There is not the slightest of doubt about the involvement of the Turkish deep state, or the Turkish Gladio, which was the precursor to today's Ergenekon, in the Maraş incidents of 1978. But if we tend to treat such incidents only with respect to their political repercussions and put all the blame on the deep state, without trying to understand the psychological moods of the people who played a role in such massacres, does this take us anywhere? Why do we so readily forget these incidents? nothing is forgotten, but our failure to confront and discuss such massacres only allows the pro-massacre spirit to continue to live in Turkey.

For three days, the city was truly a battlefield and was on fire. … According to official figures, 111 people were killed by shooting, cutting or burning. Shops, houses and people's residential sanctuaries were attacked; women were raped; abdomens of pregnant women were cut and fetuses were nailed to trees. The breasts of young girls were mutilated and placed on sticks and put on display. … Images published by papers and broadcast on TV were unbearable for anyone with a human conscience..... For years victims and family's involved have not been able to get rid of those memories and the horror of the incidents.....

From the perspective of the 1915 Armenian massacre, the 1934 Jewish pogroms, 1938 Dersim massacre, the Sept. 6-7, 1955 incidents, arson attack of Sivas 1993, Corum, Gazi and many other bloody events in Turkey's past. You will see that Turkish history repeats itself. And this will continue if we don't confront the past.

Don't forget Maras.....
Don't let Maras be forgotten.....

England Alevi Cultural Centre & Cemevi



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